Who We Are

Our Mission

CorpsLogistix Oil & Gas Services is an oil & gas services and logistics business that supports our clients operations – to elevate and innovate the oil & gas delivery experience through unparalleled services and a commitment to manufacturing  and enabling firms to enhance their businesses in the energy sector.  The operational and services experience is the centerpiece of our model.  We empower diverse oil, gas, and energy suppliers to realize their aspirations and achieve their most important goals. Additionally, we advise sovereigns on technical advances in the energy industry.

We do this by bringing the brightest minds together with energy, innovation, creativity, and passion as well as providing exceptional perspectives, operational excellence and value that will enable the energy producer to achieve their goals.


The core foundation of CorpsLogistix Oil & Gas services is acquiring logistics-based technology and advances that support energy businesses and providing operational value, energy assets and energy services.  We seek and excellent experience for our partners looking to grow their energy services globally in an ethical framework that is sensitive to the needs of the environment.  The company helps its customers maximize value throughout the lifecycle of energy production from managing geological services, raw minerals acquisition, drilling support, formation evaluation, construction, completion, and optimizing production.  Regardless of the oil and gas production asset we have the ability to provide and implement the appropriate solutions for our clients.


We are committed to providing an overall level of expertise that creates a truly differentiated result for entrepreneurs whom businesses we buy.

Exemplary acquisition experience focused on continued growth  of the business and the entrepreneurs’ need is our paramount focus.


We seek to continue to build on the tremendous legacy and foundation provided to us by entrepreneurs efforts in scaling their business.

We will consistently strive for excellence in all that we do.


We have an unwavering commitment to operating with integrity, trust, and sincerity at all times.

We will strive to ensure that sellers and their businesses benefit from a transaction with CorpsLogistix.


We inspire our colleagues through a shared vision of excellence as the ideal, the business as the centerpiece of our efforts, and a bright future for all our constituents especially entrepreneurs.

We treat people with respect, embrace the diversity of our backgrounds, and create extensive collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas.


We will be a responsible partner, neighbor, and citizen to the communities where we live and work.

We will help our constituents to include entrepreneurs in fulfilling their career aspirations and be mindful of our role in helping balance their family, community and obligations.

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